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Are you ready to demonstrate your skills and embark on a new adventure in the world of science? At BioGrad our aim is to improve the health and science sector, to do this we surround ourselves with a great range of ambitious, courageous, and resilient individuals who are ready to face new challenges and create a better future. We are proud to be a company that promotes diversity and inclusion within the scientific industry. Our people are passionate, motivated, and dynamic, who all have something different to contribute. The work they do is done with enthusiasm, and in a proactive way. 

Careers at BioGrad

At BioGrad you will have the opportunity to develop your professional career, achieve great goals and meet great professionals in the world of science. Our different business branches cover education, innovation, and regeneration. Join our team where you could contribute ideas, your ingenuity and determination.

How can you apply? 

Please find the available vacancies below. 


Laboratory Technician – Biobank Sample Consolidator

Head of Clinical Service

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Laboratory technician

Patient Relationship Co-ordinator

Business Development Manager - BioGrad Prenatal

Associate Lecturers - Biology

Clinical Lecturer and Researcher

Clinical Nurse Lecturer

Stem Cell Lecturer

Scientific Content Writer

Business Administration Apprentice

Level 3 Biology Practical Skills Expert - Delivery and Assessment

Level 3 Physics Practical Skills Expert - Delivery and Assessment

Level 3 Chemistry Practical Skills Expert - Delivery and Assessment

Medical School Advisory Board Member


Creative Designer/ Marketing Executive

Biology Education Lead

Chemistry Education Lead

Physics Education Lead

Stem Cell banking

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