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BioGrad Education is on a mission to ignite a passion for science and medicine in students across the UK. With a wealth of industry experience and a deep commitment to education, a range of scientists and industry professionals bring their expertise and enthusiasm directly into the classrooms and assembly halls of BioGrad Education’s Partner Schools through engaging and inspiring talks.


These experts share their personal journeys, from early fascinations with science to their current roles in various scientific and medical fields. Students hear firsthand about the challenges and triumphs faced by these professionals, providing a realistic and motivating perspective on pursuing a career in science. Each talk is designed to be interactive and engaging, encouraging students to ask questions and participate in discussions around their future career plans.


Committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in science and medicine, these professionals emphasize the importance of diversity in these fields. They encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue their interests and talents, reinforcing the message that science and medicine are for everyone. Together, we can inspire the next generation of innovators, researchers, and healthcare professionals. Below is some feedback received from a small selection of BioGrad Education Partner Schools:


“Thank you to renowned scientist and CEO of BioGrad Education Dr Natalie Kenny for visiting today to continue our “Inspire Me” series, by sharing her incredible success story of how she overcame industry challenges, prejudice and personal struggles to become the CEO of a thriving business offering scientific and medical education and research opportunities across the North West!”  


Carmel Sixth Form College

“How often do you come across a woman who has pretty much conquered it all? I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Natalie Kenny introducing BioGrad. Being the CEO, Natalie is EVA’s Businesswoman of the Year, winner of The Business Desk Top 50 City Region Leader for Liverpool, winner of The Business Desk’s North West Investment Award 2022, and nominated for awards at both the Northern Power Women Awards and the Northern Leadership Awards for 2022.

BioGrad Education at the state-of-the-art Liverpool Science Park offers a unique set of immersive laboratory and clinic-based training courses, from Level 3 (A Level) up to Level 7 (Postgraduate). A number of the courses are approved by Royal Society of Biology and are eligible for CPD credits. It also offers The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold Residential opportunities, signed off upon completion of any 1-week course.

What a brilliant initiative and opportunity available for students to get hands-on experiences prior to starting their degree!”

Christine, Deputy Head of Science – CATS Cambridge

“We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Natalie Kenny, the founder and CEO of BioGrad Education. She is a scientist with a rich background in research and experience working with pharmaceutical companies and research for Pfizer. As a new BioGrad Education partner school, Mill Hill School pupils have the exclusive opportunity to apply for course scholarships to support their academic journey.” 


Mill Hill School

Schools and colleges that sign up as BioGrad Education Partner Schools can access a variety of benefits, including free annual in-school career talks, access to The BioGrad Education Scholarship Programme, bespoke school trips, and custom showcase videos.

We welcome Partner School applications from any staff members within an institution, though the most common applicants are Heads/Assistant Heads of Sixth Form, Heads of Careers, and Heads of Science. Please note that only schools and colleges offering post-16 provision are eligible to apply, as the benefits of the scheme are tailored to the 16-19 age group.

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