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The BioGrad Group was established in 2014 under the leadership of Dr. Natalie Kenny, Matthew Fagan and Jay Fitzgerald. BioGrad has undergone a transformative journey spanning nearly 10 years. Within the BioGrad Group, we encompass BioGrad Education, BioGrad Biobank, BioGrad Prenatal, and BioGrad Diagnostics. Situated in the heart of the Liverpool City Region, we are at the forefront of advancing science and healthcare education, regenerative medicine, clinical research, biobanking, and numerous other innovative science and medical fields. 

At BioGrad, our biobanking facility offers an expertly managed, regulatory-compliant collection and storage solution in order to provide samples of high quality for diagnostics, therapeutics, personalised medicine

We understand the importance of securely and carefully storing biological material.  As a renowned facility that operates using the highest standards to maintain biological quality, our -80 degree biobank is monitored 24/7 to ensure the security and safety of your biomaterial.


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BioGrad education is our laboratory and clinical training centre that attracts elite science and medical students from all over the world. We specialise in offering real world laboratory and clinical skills that range from beginner to advanced level courses. You can select the level that suits your needs and build a bespoke skill set of practical skills from the courses available. 

We only employ scientists and clinicians that are working or publishing in the area in which they teach. Each scientist is an expert in their field. We teach in groups of 4-10 students in a world class research laboratory at Liverpool Science Park to provide the best possible experience. 

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The BioGrad foundation is a charity that specialises in regenerative research. We allow you to donate your umbilical cord blood and tissues to support scientists in the research to cure illnesses and disease. When a baby is born it presents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to collect a priceless resource that might one day be utilised to cure a major disease or illness. 

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Here at BioGrad Group, human rights are one of the core principles of the business. As a company we aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees.

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The BioGrad Groups head office is located at 61 Stephenson Way, Liverpool L13 1HN.

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